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Dynamometric coffee tamper - Puq Press 58 mm

22/01/2019 15:37:00

Dynamometric coffee tamper - Puq Press 58 mm


Pressing coffee is an important phase in the preparation of a good espresso, as it must guarantee the right resistance to the passage of water.

The tamper is therefore one of the fundamental working tools for the professional barista, to provide a consistent and uniform pressing of the coffee powder.

The Puq Press automatic dynamometric tamper, code LF 1235144, is the ideal press to compact in a firm and uniform way the dose of coffee and extract the best aromas from an espresso coffee.

With Puq Press Q1, the coffee powder will be pressed in just 1.3 seconds, with the correct angle and optimal pressure adjustment: this allows the homogeneous extraction of the entire dose.

Here are the main features of Puq Press Q1:

  • model Q1
  • automatic
  • Power Supply: 110/240V 50/60Hz 60W
  • adaptability: all portafilters with a diameter of 58 mm
  • adjustable pressure: 10/30 Kg
  • pressing time: 1.3 seconds
  • portafilter presence sensor
  • height-adjustable housing for portafilter

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