LF presents Brita Finest

30/10/2019 09:22:00

LF presents Brita Finest


Good coffee requires good water, and with our Brita products you will have the best filtered water, allowing the coffee aroma to fully blossom.

The Purity Finest line is recommended for enhancing water quality and our products are especially effective for use in waters with issues such as chalk, low alkalinity and higher-than-normal chloride values. Another positive effect being that the yield in the cup will also improve.

Discover our  new Brita line for water treatment ion the LF website:

  • CARTRIDGE PURITY FINEST C 500 (LF code 5072120)
  • CARTRIDGE PURITY FINEST C 1100 (LF code 3010311)
  • CARTRIDGE PURITY FINEST C 150 (LF code 7120537)
  • CARTRIDGE PURITY FINEST C 300 (LF code 3010310)

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