Spare parts for Profitec coffee machines

20/11/2020 17:04:00

Spare parts for Profitec coffee machines


LF is constantly looking for the best spare parts and accessories for baristas and is proud to introduce spare parts for Profitec prosumer coffee machines, now available in its webshop.

Profitec coffee machines combine the innovation and technology of the best professional coffee machines with the design and simplicity of use found in household machines. The PRO300, PRO500, PRO600, PRO700, and PRO800 models are available.
E61 brew group, rotary pump, vibratory pump, double boiler, heat exchanger and manual lever are the main features of Profitec coffee machines.

The following are examples of Profitec articles available in the LF webshop:

1245120 PUMP PRESSURE GAUGE ø 60 mm 0÷16 bar
1680068 WATER TANK 2.8 L
5146580 BALL VALVE ø 1/4"FFF
1120448 CEME SOLENOID VALVE 3-WAY 220/230V

In addition, Profitec’s exploded-view drawings are available on the LF website.

Find out the whole PROFITEC range here

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