Introducing the new electric filter cleaner PRO-FONDI® EVO

14/01/2020 09:23:00

Introducing the new electric filter cleaner PRO-FONDI® EVO


Why do we recommend the PRO-FONDI ® EVO?

This is an innovative working tool designed to:

  • Eliminate the noise of the filter beat (you'll benefit from a more comfortable and relaxed working environment)
  • Speed up and improve filter and worktop cleaning (you will have more time to focus on your customers whilst providing a professional service)
  • Avoid joint traumas due to the filter beat (Think about it…how many cups of coffee do you make a day, a month, a year? Your health is important!)

The new PRO-FONDI ® EVO (cod. 1480500) is characterized by a refined and elegant design:

On the front there is a touch button with an on/off function and two photocells that automatically activate the engine when your hand approaches with the filter holder: thanks to this new design the contact springs have been completely removed.

The impeller, now completely made of polyurethane and without springs, ensures a perfect and even more delicate cleaning of the filter and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Timing of the cleaning cycle: after 2 seconds the circuit stops automatically in order to avoid waste and excessive work due to distraction.

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